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2.20 Marine Hydrodynamics Recitation 1: The basic tools ! Calculus Review: Einstein Notation, Vector Calculus, Taylor Series Expansion ! Total (material) Derivative ! Concepts of: Pathlines, Streaklines, Streamlines References: ! Vector Calculus: Reference: F.B. Hildebrand, “Advanced Calculus for Applications”, Prentice Hall, 2 nd edition
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Unformatted text preview: Quick review: SAH, Fluid Flow, Fourth Edition, Appendix 3 ! Film: Eulerian and Lagrangian Descriptions in Fluid Mechanics. 0-8min: Definitions of Eulerian/ Lagrangian descriptions 8-12min: Advantages of Eulerian description 12-19min: Material derivative of scalars 19-24min: Material derivative of vectors 24-27min: Summary...
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