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Exam 1 Study Guide 50 Questions Total - 7 questions from Chapter 1 - 11 questions from Chapter 2 - 7 questions from Chapter 3 - 15 questions from Chapter 4 - 10 questions from Chapter 5 Chapter 1: - What is an organization? What is OB? What is HR? - What is a correlation and which are considered weak, moderate and strong in OB? - What is the method of intuition? - What is the Rule of One-Eighth? - What research evidence is provided for the importance of OB for firm performance? Chapter 2: - What is task performance? What are the three categories of task performance? - What are citizenship behaviors? Be able to define the specific types. - Know the types of counterproductive behaviors in Figure 2-3. - What is networking (from slides)? Chapter 3: - What are the three types of organizational commitment? Be able to define and apply to examples. - What are the four general responses to negative workplace events? What are the four types of employees? -
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