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recitation10 - D f x over inertial force Fx D f x Fx...

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2.20 Marine Hydrodynamics Recitation 10: Forces on cylinder, Labs and Linear Water Waves 1. Horizontal forces on fully submerged cylinder in oscillatory flow Scope Approach 1.1. Estimate Κ c to determine viscous and/or potential forces dominate 1.2. Inertial force Fx from potential flow theory, with 3 equivalent ways 1.3. Estimate ratio of form drag Dx over inertial force Fx ( Dx / Fx ) 1.4. Estimate ratio of skin friction drag
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Unformatted text preview: D f x over inertial force Fx ( D f x / Fx ) Anticipate: forces on objects in the presence of wave field 3. Labs: Discussion and hints on Labs A and B 4. Behavior of sinh(x), cosh(x), tanh(x) for small and large x 5. Linear Water waves a. Solutions for deep, intermediate and shallow water depths b. Wave parameters: wavenumber/wavelength, period/frequency c. Phase velocity d. Dispersion relation...
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