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5_01 - inviscid(the Reynolds number large(a What gage...

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Problem 5.1 Force on nozzle Ain Sonin A circular pipe with radius R 1 carries a fluid with density to a converging nozzle with exit radius R 2 , mounted at its end. Before the flow is started, the bolts that compress the nozzle against pipe flange (see the figure) are tightened until the collective tensile force on them is F B . The gasket provides a leak-proof seal. A steady flow is then established with a velocity V 1 at the entrance to the nozzle (station 1). The ambient pressure is p a . It is agreed that the flow in the nozzle may be considered incompressible (the Mach number is small) and
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Unformatted text preview: inviscid (the Reynolds number large). (a) What gage pressure will the flow induce at station 1? HINT ANSWER (b) Use the momentum theorem to derive the additional tensile force ∆ F exerted on the bolts after the flow is started. HINT HINT 2 ANSWER (c) Apart from the assumption that the velocity at stations 1 and 2 is uniform, does the result in (a) depend in any way on the contour of the nozzle between the two stations? (d) What is the sign of the additional force ∆ F (positive or negative?) if R 2 <R 1 ? If R 2 > R 1 ? Explain. ANSWER...
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