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Problem 5.7 Pressure drop in a reaction zone The sketch shows a liquid emulsion—a finely-divided mixture of two immiscible, incompressible liquids—with mean density 1 entering a reaction zone of a constant-area reactor with speed V 1 . The components of the emulsion react chemically in the reaction zone and leave at station 2 as one homogeneous phase with density 2 . Pitot tubes are installed upstream and downstream of the
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Unformatted text preview: reaction zone. These measure the total (or stagnation) pressure p o = p + 1 2 V 2 . Assuming that the flow is inviscid, steady, and one-dimensional, obtain an expression for the change in total pressure from 1 to 2, expressed in the dimensionless form p 01-p 02 1 2 1 V 1 2 , as a function of the density ratio 2 1 . HINT ANSWER...
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