5_15 - remains constant at a value d dt = Assuming that the...

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Problem 5.15 Hinged flat plate swung against wall A flat plate is hinged at one side to s smooth floor, as shown, and held at a small angle o ( o << 1) relative to the floor. The entire system is submerged in a liquid of constant density . At t = 0, a vertical force is applied and adjusted continually so that the rate of decrease of the plate angle
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Unformatted text preview: remains constant at a value : d dt = -. Assuming that the flow is incompressible and inviscid, derive expressions for (a) the horizontal velocity u(x,t) at point x and time t HINT ANSWER (b) the x-direction force F H (t) exerted by the hinge on the floor. Assume the plate has negligible inertia. HINT HINT 2 ANSWER...
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