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chapter 3 book notes - Physical Geography Book Notes...

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Physical Geography Book Notes Chapter 3 Introduction to the Atmosphere I. Size of Earth’s Atmosphere a. Atmosphere is 6000 miles high b. 50% of its mass is below 38 miles c. 98% of its mass is below 16 miles d. Atmosphere also goes below earth’s surface II. Composition of the Atmosphere a. Permanent gases i. Nitrogen 78% 1. Added through organic matter burning and decaying, volcanic eruptions and the breakdown of some rocks 2. Removed through biological processes and rain and snow ii. Oxygen 1% 1. Added by plants 2. Removed by organic and inorganic processes iii. Permanent gases percentages stay relatively the same. iv. Argon is the last 1 % b. Variable Gases i. Greatly influence climate ii. Water vapor 1. more water vapor in air over warm moist surfaces 2. percentage varies from 1-4% 3. water vapor’s presence is constant, it’s the concentration in different areas that varies iii. Carbon Dioxide 1. absorbs infrared radiation which warms the lower atmosphere 2. amount in atmosphere is increasing due to burning of fossil fuels iv. Ozone- O3 1. ozone layer between 9 and 30 miles 2. absorbs UV rays c. Particulates (Aerosols) i. Non-gaseous particles ii. Volcanic ash, soil, pollen, meteor debris, smoke, salt water iii. Hygroscopic- absorb water vapor- help form clouds iv. Some reflect or absorb sunlight III. Vertical Structure of the Atmosphere a. Thermal Layer i. Thermal layers alternate increasing and decreasing temperature
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chapter 3 book notes - Physical Geography Book Notes...

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