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5_24 (1) - shaft and then exits from the system The...

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1 Problem 5.24 Mass flow from torque The figure shows a device that, an inventor claims, provides a direct measurement of mass flow rate. The flow to be measured is routed tangentially into the cylindrical tube (radius R ) as shown, flows axially along the tube until it passes over a set of straight vanes mounted on a shaft that can be rotated either freely or by applying a torque to the
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Unformatted text preview: shaft, and then exits from the system. The inventor claims he can determine mass flow directly by two methods: (1) from the angular rate of rotation of the vanes, (rad/s), when the shaft is allowed to rotate freely, and (2) from the torque T s required to hold the shaft stationary. Derive a theory for how this might be done. ANSWER...
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