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matlab_eval - 3 Please checkmark(and describe if needed if...

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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 02139 2.29 NUMERICAL FLUID MECHANIC — SPRING 2007 MATLAB PROFICIENCY EVALUATION Due by 02/07/06 4 p.m. Name (Optional): Course: Year: 1. Please categorize your MATLAB proficiency level as 1. No experience 2. Novice 3. Intermediate 4. Expert Please describe in words as well: 2. Please name what you would like to learn from workshop:
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Please checkmark (and describe if needed) if you are familiar with below topics in MATLAB: 1. Basic Programming: 2. Basic Plotting: 3. Basic Data Type: 4. Writing Functions in MATLAB: 5. Advanced Data Type: 6. Advanced Plotting 7. Saving/Importing/Exporting Data: 8. Linear Algebraic Capabilities: 9. ODE tool: 10. PDE tool: 11. Optimization tool: 12. Curve Fitting tool 13. Simulink:...
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