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MIT OpenCourseWare 2.500 Desalination and Water Purification Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2.500 Desalination and Water Purification Homework Set #4 Due 30 April 2009 Problem 1: Least heat of separation Consider a separation system that receives heat Q ˙ from a source at temperature T H . The system has a stream of saline feedwater entering at temperature T 0 , and it rejects a stream of brine and a stream of freshwater, each at T 0 . There is no work transfer over the system boundary. Determine the least heat required to separate the freshwater from the feed. How does ths compare to the result obtained in lecture? Problem 2: Matched system for power and water production In lecture, we calculated the added heat required, Q ˙ add , for a combined power and water produc- tion system that generated power W ˙ net and water
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