bio- book report, part I

bio- book report, part I - The Quest for the Oncogene...

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The Quest for the Oncogene Brought to Life Natural Obsessions: Striving to Unlock the Deepest Secrets if the Cancer Cell , by Natalie Angier, is a scientific account about the quest to reveal the working of the cancer cell and its related oncogenes, with a journalist’s point of view, skillfully embellished with a stylistic details about life surrounding the research. The main player in her story is Bob Weinberg, head of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, which is closely affiliated and privately funded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Angier’s story leads the reader through the progression towards the discovery of the existence of oncogenes like myc , ras , and neu that had mutations resulting in their metastic cancerous growth. The journey to acquire enough proof to verify their existence faced many hurdles, and had its origins in other aspects of cell research, that slowly moved to the oncogene field. Natalie Angier’s writing style creates a comfort level with the material being discussed and explored by her own investigations in the working of developments in the arena of scientific progress. After gradually acquainting herself with all the material out of her own interest in what she was researching, she is able to describe the important aspects of what the Whitehead Institute was trying to accomplish to the reader in a step by step description. Her own enthusiasm in her exploration of the progression of oncogene research permeates ever word of her story as she comes away from her experience with immense respect and admiration for the researchers and scientists she interviews, especially Bob Weinberg. “They taught me to appreciate the lush beauty of doing science, and I think that if I had to do it over again, I’d become a molecular biologist” (10). In her writing style, she tells a story rather than just relating facts, which made
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bio- book report, part I - The Quest for the Oncogene...

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