bio- chap 10

bio- chap 10 - CT= choloroplasts CL= cholorophyll I....

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CT= choloroplasts CL= cholorophyll I. Photosynthesis in Nature A. An organism acquires the organic compounds it uses for energy and carbon skeletons through vaious modes 1. Autotrophs a. self sufficient self feeders who sustain themselves w/o eating/decomposing another organism b. make their organic molecules from other inorganic raw materials from environment c. producers of the biospehere d. Plants - only needs CO2 from air, water, and minerals from the soil - are photoautotrophs, that use light as a source of EG to synthesize organic comps 2. heterotrophs a. obtain organic material by living on comps produced by other organisms b. consumer of biospehere c. decomposers, and those who eat other orgs B. Chloroplasts 1. all green parts of the plant 2. leaves are major sites of photosynthesis-> ½ million chloroplasts per sq. millimeter of leaf surface 3. color of leaf is from chlorophyll-> green pigment in chloroplasts a. chlorophyll absorbs light EG that drives photosynthesis 4. chloroplasts found is mesophyll-> tissue of interior leaf a. 30-40 CT b. double envelope enclosjng stroma, the dense liquid in CT c. elaborate system of interconnected thylakoid membs segregates the stroma into compartments, thylakoid space/lumen d. thylakoid sacs stacked in columns of grana e. CL in thylakoid membs 5. CO2 centers the lead, and O2 exits thorugh the stomata 6. Water from the roots to roots thru veins transport sugar to roots II. Pathways of Photosynthesis A. 6CO 2 + 12H 2 O + Light EG -> C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 + 6H 2 O B. Splitting of Water 1. CT splits water into H2 and O2 2. Van Niel discoveries about photosynthesis C. Photosynthesis as a Redox Process: water split-> electorons transferred along
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bio- chap 10 - CT= choloroplasts CL= cholorophyll I....

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