bio- chap 42

bio- chap 42 - I. Circulation in Animals A. Invertebrates...

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I. Circulation in Animals A. Invertebrates 1. gastrovascular cavity- hydra 2. open circ. System a. no distinction between blood and interstitial fluid- all body fluid is hemolymph b. one or more hearts pump hemolymph into sinuses (spaces surrounding organs) c. grasshopper 3. closed circ. System a. blood confined to vessels and is distinct from interstitial fluid b. heart pumps blood to vessel branches in organs B. Vertebrate Cardiovascular system 1. cardio system is heart, blood vessels, blood 2. Heart a. atria receive vlood b. ventricles pump blood out 3. vessels a. arteries carry blood away from heart b. veins carry blood to the heart c. capillaries infiltrate tissue C. Fish 1. heart has 2 main chambers (1 atria, 1 vent) 2. blood pumped from ventricle goes to gills to pick up O2 and dispose of CO2 3. gill capillaries converge into vessel to carry O2 to parts of the body 4. blood returns in beins to Atrium of heart 5. essentially 2 capillary beds- one in gills and one in organs/tissues (systemic) 6. O2 moves thru vessels slowly, since BP drops once blood enters capillar bed, so movements of the body to swim help pump blood D. Frogs/Amphibians 1. 3 chambered heart with 2 atria and 1 ventricle 2. venticles pumps blood into forked artery a. pulmocutaneous circuit leads to gas exchange tissues (lungs/skin) to pick up O2 and returns to the left atrium of the heart to be pumped into SC b. systemic circuit carrries O2 rich blood to all parts of body and returns blood to the right atriam 3. double circulation a. blood pumped a second time after losing BP in capillaries to
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bio- chap 42 - I. Circulation in Animals A. Invertebrates...

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