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Bio Notes- Reproductive Sytem

Bio Notes- Reproductive Sytem - Reproductive Sytem Male...

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Reproductive Sytem Male Reproductive System Male structures: -Primary sex organs Testes —produce sperm and interstitial cells, produce male sex hormones (testosterone). Egg shaped, 5 cm by 3 cm by 2.5 cm. Scrotum —responds to changing temperatures. Normal sperm develop 2 degrees F lower than the rest of the body. Cont. -Secondary sex organs: Seminiferous tubules —produce spermatozoa (packed with cells undergoing spermatogenesis)31 inches long, 1 mile per testis. Epididymis —stores sperm while they mature Vas deferens —transport sperm to the urethra. Seminal vesicles —produce a sugary alkaline fluid which buffers the sperm against acids in the female reproductive tract. Prostate gland —contributes a milky alkaline fluid to semen. Bulbourethral glands —secrete a slippery alkaline fluid which lubricates the urethral canal. Penis —used to introduce sperm into the female reproductive tract. Prepuce —foreskin Glans penis — site of intense sexual feeling Sperm (spermatozoa) -Acrosome —stores enzymes needed to penetrate the egg.
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