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Bio Vocabulary Test 1

Bio Vocabulary Test 1 - Genic(gen beginning origin Hyper...

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Vocabulary Scope- to view Micro- small Macro- large Some- “from the body” Cytes- cells Kinesis- movement Poly- many Ose- sugar Ase- enzymes Pept- acid Trans- across Script- to write Pseudo- false Peri- around Epi- near/ at Oma- tumor Melan- dark Luco- white Auto-self Platelet- clotting cells Thrombo- clot Stasis- static Carson- cancer
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Unformatted text preview: Genic (gen)- beginning/ origin Hyper- increased Hypo-below Phasia- to swallow/ to ingest Vascular- vessel- angio Facil- easy Chloro- green Elles- small Lysis- to destroy Hydro- water Iso- same Ology- the study of Homeo- same/ one Bio- life Kary- nucleus Endo- within Hem- blood...
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