chapter 2 - chapter 2 -1517: Martin Luthers Protestant...

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-1517: Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation kindles the fervor of Protestants who helped to found America -Calvinism was the theology of New England Puritans and other American settlers -With calvinism, all powerful/good god. humans were weak and had the original sin. they sought conversion and decided to lead sanctified lives among the visible saints -King Henry III broke ties w/ the Roman Catholic Church and Puritans wanted a total purifying and de-Catholization of english christianity -puritans thought the protestant reformation was too slow and they thought only visible saints should be Church of England members and were mad that it was open to all -Separatists,who were puritans, were mad about sharing church and wanted to break away from the CoE. -king james I threatened to harass the bothersome separatists out of the land. -1608: Separatists go to Holland where they get upset about “Dutchification” and seek refuge in America. -1620: a group of separatists negotiate with the VA company and secure rights to settle. they sailed in the mayflower and landed on the new england coast. -Pilgrims chose Plymouth Bay as their site. it was outside the VA company’s domain. They were squatters without legal rights to the land. -Before leaving, the pilgrims signed the mayflower compact so they could agree to form a body politic using majority rules. It set the stage for later constitutions and was a step towards self-government -many pilgrims died during the winter but no separatists left. -1621: The Pilgrims had a good harvest/thanksgiving which proved that the English could maintain themselves in the region. -william bradford was a prominant pilgrim leader -When Charles I sanctioned anti-puritan persecution, moderate puritans feared for their faith. -1629: moderate puritans secured a royal charter to form the Massachusets Bay Colony and planned to settle in Massachusetts -the non-separatists there denied wanting to separate from the Church of England -the mass bay enterprize was blessed and on a large scale. waces of puritans left england in the “Great Migration of the 1630’s”. However, many went to the west indies in the carribean, not massachusetts. -john winthrop was the governor of the Mass bay colony who helped build
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chapter 2 - chapter 2 -1517: Martin Luthers Protestant...

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