transitionaljustice02032011 - sovereignty- the plausible...

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sovereignty- the plausible threat of physical violence to maintain control of a territory. law as codes and sanctions(punishments) transformations of sovereignty transitions in which the entire justice basis undergoes change. fundamental shift transitions- from nondemocratic to democratic ->controversial democratic transitions why isn’t democratic to authoritarian rule a transition? who got prosecuted how were the past leaders taken care of criminal justice interacted with politics who will establish accurate historical records political justice normative- questions of normative rightness or wrongness. questions of ought descriptive- what is in fact the case. is. famines the result of political rather than nature no instances of famines in democratic countries in the last 150 years politics hates a vacuum when a nation state collapses, how do you explain the reestablishment of a new society? a democratic society? big political economical account
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transitionaljustice02032011 - sovereignty- the plausible...

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