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transplant rejection - MICR 3170 Transplantation Rejection...

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MICR 3170 Transplantation Rejection- the immune response to Alloantigens Transplantation into the same species - the transplantation of tissue from two genetically disparate individuals of the same species. This tissue transplantation can have many side effects due to immune rejection as the immune system will recognise the foreign tissue. As a response to this immunosuppressive therapies have to be used in conjunction with transplantation. Transplantation from differing species will elicit hyperacute rejection , prompt rejection within 1-2 hours. Terms Autograft- tissue from another body site of the same individual Isographt- tissue from another individual (identical twin, inbred strain of animal) Allograft- tissue from another individual of the same species Xenograft- tissue from another species Rejection There two factors that attribute to tissue rejection 1) CMI (cell mediated response) a) T cell mediated rejection a.i) Rejection as T-cells recognise non self MHC complexes a.ii) MHC molecules are highly polymorphic and thus vary between individuals b) Slow (days to weeks) 2) Humeral response a) Antibody mediated a.i) Antibodies bind foreign antigens eliciting an immune response b) Rapid response (within hours) Allogenic tissues are recognised as alien as they have alloantigens (antigens that are present is differing allelic forms on the same gene locus in different individuals of the same species) which induce an immune response when introduced into the recipient. HLA is of the greatest significance as it elicits the greatest response as all of
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transplant rejection - MICR 3170 Transplantation Rejection...

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