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Unformatted text preview: What would be money better spent: development of better vaccines, or anti- retroviral drugs? Undoubtly vaccination is the better option. It provides the opportunity to erradicate viral infections (i.e. smallpox) by mass vaccination hence it is prevention rather than cure; u could talk about what vaccines are available, how mass vaccination leads to eradication. Define an effective vaccine (immunology!) Then talk about why some infections are difficult to eradicate by vaccine, hence the need for antivirals; 1) difficult to diagnose; MDR-TB 2) about 90% of population must be vaccinated for eradication 3) boosters are needed/poor response to vaccine 4) migrants bring disease into community 5) mutation of viruses leads to different strains no effective vaccines for HIV/AIDs, TB, malaria (avaiable but undergoing screening), new vaccine aviable for cervical cancer (HPV) (this is the first ever vaccine available against a cancer yet the public drive a controversy of vaccinating 12 yr old girls with an...
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