What is sheltering of deleterious Y mutations by X - upload course wiki

What is sheltering of deleterious Y mutations by X - upload course wiki

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What is sheltering of deleterious Y mutations by X? - How would recombination cause problems? Sheltering occurs when the Y chromosome has a null allele (useless or mutated allele) that is instead expressed by the X chromosome (homologous allele) so that the useless or mutated allele is not incorporate into the genome. This causes null alleles to remain in the Y chromosome. This means that only heterozygotes for this allele will be produced so that they are not negatively selected against. Recombination of the null genes would mean that deleterious material would be
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Unformatted text preview: negatively selected against, therefore the genes would be negatively selected, causing the loss of that particular region of gene. Once lost, the genes cannot regenerate via recombination with X - Muller's Ratchet theory. The deletion/loss of alleles in the NRY region causes rapid degeneration of Y. It is possible that there may be beneficial mutations within the block of null alles, but due to lack of recombination this advantageous allele would also be lost - Ruby in the Rubbish theory. Lisa Elam , John Li, Aminata Sy, Siham Ibrahim, Safia Ali....
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