Coping with Uncertainty Reducing

Coping with Uncertainty Reducing - SupplyManagement

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Supply Management Coping with Uncertainty Reducing “Bullwhip” behaviour in global supply chains Four key areas within the supply chain represent uncertainty: supply,  manufacturing, process control and demand Actions that will reduce the supply chain that is caused by demand amplification: 1. Striving to improve performance of the value added process b y reducing  lead times and greatly improving quality levels via lean thinking 2. Working closely with the suppliers- this will lead to reducing supplier lead  times and experience much more consistent delivery patterns.  3. However, there is s till a lot of uncertainty because the process and the  demand side are still untouched. Definition of bullwhip- ”If demand for products is transmitted along a series of inventories using stock control ordering, then the demand variation will increase with each transfer”. So, the further away from the end consumer a “player” is in the supply chain, the less he is aware of
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Coping with Uncertainty Reducing - SupplyManagement

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