Globalisation and the Sex Trade2

Globalisation and the Sex Trade2 - that exist in places...

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Globalisation and the Sex Trade2 Who are the men who buy sex? The majority of men who buy sex fit into these categories -Across socio-economic groups -professional, managerial and manual jobs -full time employment -majority in long term relationships -no criminal records -most likely to be over 39 Motivations to buy sex -the attraction of an illicit encounter -currently have no sexual activity -loneliness -sex is different from regular partners -sex with different types of women, cultures etc. -its an uncomplicated/non-emotional experience -convienience -regulars (try to create conventional relationships) -companionship Different men= Different markets -the motivations relate to the type of market the men enter -men rarely go into both street and indoor industries, many indoor uses condemn street users -expansive range of markets -indoor industries have a perception of being different rather than the lap dancing, street workers
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Unformatted text preview: that exist in places like Amsterdam-UK men will often buy sex abroad even though they would nto consider it in the UK Kerbcrawlers as the Offender problem of sex trade= problem of men Men are dangerous abusers and speaders of disease Deterioration of 'moral fabric' is blamed on the street workers and users not the other markets. The UK have enforced deterrence campaigns since 2007, images and national campaigns/adverts making kerbcrawlers out to be horrible/morally inept people. Other adverts suggest that men caught using protitutes will lose everything inc. marriage, work etc. Re-framing of Who is the Problem 1980's- Men problematised 1985- Sexual Offences Act shifted who was to blame 2001- Criminal Justice & Police Act- kerbcrawling made an arrestable offence. 2003- Criminal Justice Act- introduced conditional cautioning...
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