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IM5004 Cytokines - MIP-1 Important for preferential Th1...

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IM5004 Cytokines CCL19 and CCL21 – Chemokine ligands for CCR7, located on HEV and T Cell Zones, important for recruiting T, B, and DC to peripheral lymph nodes. Also located in medulla of thymus. Necessary for T lymphocyte recruitment to the mudeulla to undergo negative control CXCL13 (Fracktiline)– secreted by follicular dendritic cell, localize B and Tfh cells to follicles through CXCR5. Membrane bound but can become unattached at TACE region. Important in stimulating adhesion of CD16 patrolling monocytes
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Unformatted text preview: MIP-1 Important for preferential Th1 recruitment, especially in EAU MCP-1 Recruits macrophages via CCR2. Important in efficient rolling and arrest, but not necessary. Necessary for emigration of monocytes out of the BM IFNy Main sytokine produced by Th1 IL-4 Main cytokine produced by Th2/ Main cytokine that induces Th2 IL-12 Main cytokine that induces Th1 IL-1 released by macrophage, increases phagocytotic ability and affect NK and T cells IL-10 - antiinflammatory...
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