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IM5005 Cytokines - Th2 uses it to recruit eosiniphils...

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IM5005 Cytokines 1. IFNy – inhibits IgE production in b cells. Induces iNOS which produces NOs in macrophages and neutrophils. Promotes M1 phenotype 2. IL- 4 – Released by TH2 to promotes IgE switch in B and recruits mast cells and basophils. Promotes M2 phenotype. Induces ITIMS. Inhibits Th1 differentiation and macrophages 3. LTBA4 – recruits eosiophils by mast cells 4. Histamine – vasodilator and mucus secretion. Neurotransmitter 5. IL-10 – inhibits Th2 via Tregs. Antiinflammatory. In eye in high quantities 6. IL-5 Eosinophil development and prolongs life.
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Unformatted text preview: Th2 uses it to recruit eosiniphils. Enhance IgE synthesis 7. MBP – inhibits cillial function in asthma, released by eosinophils 8. PAF – mucus secretion by eosinophils 9. IL-23 – promotes IL-17 synthesis, shares p40 chain with IL-12 10. IL-1 – inflammatory 11. TNFa – inflammatory. Important in EAU – inhiition promotes disease resolution 12. IL-13 – Th2 released, promotes mucus secretion 13. CTLA4 – Immunosuppressor, Competitive Inhibitor to B7 14. TGFb – Wound Healing, present in the eye...
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