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Question: Comment on the disadvantages of using monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI or MOI) drugs in the treatment of depression . When taken orally, MAOIs inhibit the metabolic breakdown of dietary amines. Sufficient intestinal inhibition can lead to hypertensive crisis when foods containing tyramine (such as cheese, marmaid, beer) are consumed or hyperserotonemia if foods containing tryptophan are consumed, therefore special diet care should be taken by patients ingesting MAOI drugs. Tyramine is normally metabolized by MAO in gut and liver. If unmetabolized, tyramine enters sympathetic nerve terminals where it displaces NA from vesicles into cytosol. Because MAO in the nerve terminals is inhibited, there is a massive “non- physiological” release of NA from sympathetic nerve terminals which can lead to fatal haemorrhage. Patients prescribed an MAOI are warned not to eat or drink certain substances (e.g.: that contain tyramine) such as: beer, wine, cheese, marmite. Since eating behavior may be disturbed due to the depressive condition, it
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