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MCAT in a Box Gen Chemistry - MCAT in a Box - General...

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Balmer series Set of spectral lines that appear in the visible light region when a hydrogen atom undergoes a transition from energy levels (greater than n=2 to n=2). Azimuthal Quantum Number The 2nd quantum number ( l) ; “angular momentum”; the subshells within e/ principle quantum energy level; can be 0 to n-1 range. Reaction order Sum of the exponents in a rate law Rate law Mathematical expression showing the rate of a reaction as a function of the concentration of its reactants. Le Chatelier Principle When a system in equilibrium is placed under one of several stressors, it will react in order to regain equilibrium. Equilibrium constant Ratio of the [products] to [reactants] at the point of equilibrium; each are raised to the power of its stoichiometric coefFcient. Collision Theory of Chemical Kinetics The rate of a reaction is directly proportional to the number of collisions that take place between reactants per second. Reaction Quotient Ratio of the [products] to [reactants] when not at equilibrium; Q . Standard Reduction Potential Tendency of a species to be reduced at STP Reduction Reaction where a species gains electrons Reducing Agent Species that is oxidized in the process of reducing another species. Redox Half-reaction The hypothetical equation showing only the species that is oxidized or reduced in a redox reaction and the correct number of electrons transferred in the balanced equation. Oxidizing agent Species that is reduced while oxidizing another species. Oxidation Reaction where a species loses electrons. Half-cell Electrode in an electrolytic solution that is the site of an oxidation or reduction in a galvanic cell. Galvanic cell Electrochemical cell powered by a spontaneous redox reaction that produces an electric current ±ow; voltaic cell Electrolytic cell Electrochemical cell that uses an external electric source to drive a nonspontaneous redox reaction. Cathode
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MCAT in a Box Gen Chemistry - MCAT in a Box - General...

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