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Microbiology 3(2)

Microbiology 3(2) - Gram Non-SF Rods Monday 5:01 PM...

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Gram + Non-SF Rods Monday, March 30, 2009 5:01 PM Mycobacterium Leprae Dx: Acid fast Baccili (AFB), H/P (history and physical), Intracellular obligate parasite Sx: Globi and face Tuberculoid form- nerve nodules, nerves do not work properly, white macules- depigmentation Rx: Dapson- a sulfon (not a sulfonamide), (some people do not want to get rid of their leprosy, they make money by being lepers like in India)- starting to get resistance to it BCG- strain that 2 Frenchmen developed, in the beginning it’s a cattle part of the disease, developed originally against TB, but also treated lepers Dapson + Rifampin- used as a multidrug therapy must be treated for several years in order to be effective MAC Group of organisms that are acid fast, the organisms normally to not attack Immunoconfident people, however with the advent of AIDS, these organisms are not dealt with properly Cause AIDS TB- overgrowth of this organism and impacts almost ever cell in the body called the Sea of Red, every cell is filled with these guys so every tissue thing looks red. Dx: Sea of Red Mycobacterium t.b. Dx: Skin test/ x-rays, you need to see positive cavitation and a positive AFB on a sputum sample, anything above a 10 mm induration (swelling) is a positive skin test, cavitation (x- ray) positive, culture which takes 30 days Sx: Several different types: Exposed- Primary TB then you get primary progressive (which you die from) or you get latent TB premunision stage- the organism hides in the bodies immune system until late in life your immune system begins to get compromised, then you get secondary TB- When you get tuberculsilic into your lungs a macrophage picks it up, that macrophage becomes its new home, tricks it into not forming the phagosome and the lysosome, so it multiplies in there, once this happens many more macrophage pour into that area and they all form a granuloma- tubercle, Tubercle is first just a macrophage then it becomes anoxic, casiation- (cheese making) cells in there get disolved and form a cheesy material inside the tubercle, it then grows into blood vessels and air sacs etc. they feel like they have to cough and have pain, then they cough it up and out- you get a thing called a cavitation Cavitation- begins to calcify once you blow out the cheesy material Then you get hemophtitus- coughing up of blood Then it is rich of tubercule stuff- it is called serpintine chordine- this is diagnostic, no other organism does this Treat this as a BSL-3 organism- Biological safety laboratory 3- bad bugs but no that bad, 4 is the worst
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Night sweats, anorexia, chest pain/ coughing, hemoptisis, Rx: Multidrug therapy- Isoniazide (blocks niosin) others, BCG- you decide if a person has skin test and cavitation positive then they have TB- this has fallen apart- rest of the world uses BCG and makes you not able to get TB or leprosy, anergy- means you do not produce an immune response when you should, people from abroad will have BCG tests so they will have a positive skin test
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Microbiology 3(2) - Gram Non-SF Rods Monday 5:01 PM...

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