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OFFENCE Actus Reas Mens Rea Consequence Sentence Cases Common  Assault:  s39 Criminal  Justice Act  2988    Assault; causing V  to fear immediate  unlawful violence Battery;  application of  unlawful violence  even the slightest  touching Assault: intention or  subjective recklessness as  to causing V to fear  immediate unlawful  violence. Battery; intention or  subjective recklessness as  to applying unlawful  force No injury  required 6 mnths  ASSAULT: Tuberville v savage 1669,Rv  Ireland, R v Burstow  1997,Smith v Chief  Superintendent, Working Police  station. BATTERY: Fagan V MPC 1968,DPP V K  1990,DPP V Santa- Bermudez  2004,Haystead V DPP 2000,  Collins v Wilcock 1984,Spratt  1991 Assault  occasioning to  ABH S47 OAPA  1861 Assault; i.e. assault  or battery Same as above ABH harm i.e.  bruising  It also includes  Nervous shock Psychiatric harm Up to 5 years
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Unformatted text preview: Miller 1954, Chanfook1994, DPP V smith 2006, Roberts 1971, Savage and Paramenter 1991, Cox 1998 Maliciously wounding or inflicting GBH S20 OAPA 1861 A direct or indirect act or omission No need to prove assault Intention or subjective recklessness as to causing some injury Either a wound, or GBH including psychiatric harm Up to 5 years JCC V Eisenhower 1983, R v Ireland, R v Burstow 1997, R v Mohammed Dica, R v Konzani 2005, Dpp V smith 1970, Cunningham 1957, Mowatt 1968, R v Brady Wounding or causing Gbh with intent S 18 OAPA 1861 A direct or indirect act or omission which causes V’s injury Same as above Specific intention to cause GBH or wound Prevent lawful arrest Life imprisonment Marjoram 2000,...
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