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Paperlette #3 A lecture I found very intriguing was the one given by Professor Sweeny on brain wave studies. The part of the lecture I found most interesting was when she was talking about how our brains shoot off impulses, such as the P300, when something out of the ordinary, or some surprising stimuli was to appear. I thought that this was interesting because I did not know that our brains were able to work under such minor stimuli. It is amazing how advanced our brains are, that they are able to recognize differences in things that do not matter at all. I will no longer be able to look at odd stimuli just simply as odd. I would see them as my brain setting off a P300, N400, or even a P600. But this is not the only interesting thing I learned that day. Other than the fact that our brains are able to differentiate odd stimuli, our brains are able to differentiate these stimuli in our sleep! Even when we are sound a sleep and we are exposed to a set of stimuli with one odd stimuli, our brain is still able to process this and set off the correct P or N response. I will never
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