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Paperllet #1 I was watching a video on Youtube last night about a monkey who sniffed his feces and fell off a tree because it found the odor to unbearable to tolerate. This monkey will probably never do such a thing again, or at least when its standing up in a tree. Animals somehow have the ability to learn from observations. This is what makes animals so interesting, they are able to act like humans in many ways. Intellectual creatures, such as dolphins and monkeys, lean by imitation and observation, which is similar to the way we learn. They are able to form intimate bond, and make friends, which is also another humanistic characteristic. And, like humans, they can create different cultures. Characteristics such as these are what differ intellectual animals from ones that are nonintellectual. I remember when I was young I spent hours watching some of my friends do tricks on their bikes. I did not know how to do any of these jumps and tricks, but I spent enough time watching others perform these tricks that I caught on and was able to learn them for myself. Dolphins and monkeys learn in this way as well.
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