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Paperlette 1 rewrite The one lecture that I thought was pretty remarkable was the lecture given by professor Johnson about alien intelligences. Professor Johnson spoke of animals and their abilities on learning and how they act when in presence of different obstacles. This lecture caught my attention when she started talking about behavioral patterns of dolphins and monkeys. I thought that the dolphins were amazing because of their ability to mimic others and learn by observation. And monkeys are pretty interesting as well because of their nature. Thanks to this lecture I was able to see how intelligent these animals actually are, if it were not for this class then I would still think of a monkey or a dolphin as an unsophisticated animal, something that does not think about the things it does. Dolphins are not simply big fishes in the ocean that are made into actors by Sea World. They are actually quite intelligent creatures. A friend once told me he saw dolphins while surfing one day and got scared because the dolphins got very close. He told me that they seemed
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