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Paperlette #2 A lecture that I believed was very interesting to me was the lecture given by Dr. Cottrell on Neural networks and models of vision. This lecture caught my attention when he started to talk about the neural networks and they work to allow humans to distinguish one word from another. The second part of the lecture was just as interesting when he spoke of how we recognize different faces and how we can tell the emotions of others just by looking at their face. This is some amazing research on how we distinguish these different faces. I never thought that our brains had a full neural network that tries to decipher the different types of reactions and words. And because of this class I was able to learn about these complicated systems that allows us to do what we are able to do today. What I thought was mind-blowing was the way we are able to guess correctly what something says even if the lettering isn’t clear. I never even thought about this because it never came across my mind. I did not know that our brains have intricate neuron systems that are used
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