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11/19/09 Company Announcement: 1.5 Billion Deal 1. Materiality a. If its material you have to do a press release within 4 days 2. Employee Communications a. In terms of timing, all employees should know before the announcement (top execs will know first, then trickles down as it gets closer to the day) 3. Customer Outreach a. Don’t want customers to be blindsided 4. Partners a. Have to be careful, the worst thing to do is to make promises you can’t keep b. Don’t want to sever ties down the road 1. Strategic Rationale a. Why does this make sense? 2. Financial terms a. How much did you pay, how much in revenue 3. Management 4. Background on the company Company’s Communications: 1. Develop 1-3 key messages a. Whether its internally or externally, you always come back to these key messages 2. Have one external spokesperson 3. Never back yourself in a corner
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Unformatted text preview: What Effects a Company’s Communications: 1. PR/IR Agency 2. Media 3. Regulators 4. Arbitrage * Hostile takeover: How to Buy Companies: 1. Use stock to buy company a. Advantage: allows you to do deals you wouldn’t normally be able to do since you don’t have cash b. Most risky 2. Cash deal a. Most ideal 3. Combination a. Most common Proxy Solicitation-Press release is issued-Then a proxy statement, saying why you should vote for the transaction Brand Penalties break-up fee-A way to insure you don’t get into a PR war Board of Directors Integration-Cost of combining companies-How many employees will lose their jobs-How long does it take How are you getting cash * Synergies: when combining companies, the process of creating value and combining efficiently by firing employees to eliminate doubled positions...
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11_19_09 - What Effects a Company’s Communications 1...

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