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Darwin - Anthropology - Anthropology 116 Darwin...

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Anthropology 116 – Darwin Darwinism (Ideas) o Ideas evolve like other scientific things o Ideas change through time – not static o Scientific method Generate theories about how the world works Need testable hypothesis o (Darwin had no knowledge of the gene) Origins of Life o Random Paley’s challenge Living organisms are complex Watch has some complexity and therefore must have a watchmaker Do you need a watch maker? Theories of origins o Linnaes Created classification system (KPCOFGS) Lumped certain things together such as cats + lions there was an order Said things are not changing o Buffon Said things are changing Need a mechanism His was divine guidance o Erasum Darwin Large and loud man Influenced Charles Darwin Things change through time No need for a divine creator but did not come up with a mechanism Thought it was natural but didn’t know o Lamark “Use it or lose it” theory Environment influenced hereditary things “organs”
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Darwin - Anthropology - Anthropology 116 Darwin...

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