Keesing Ch9 (p183-199)

Keesing Ch9 (p183-199) - Keesing Chapter 9 (pages 183 199)...

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Unformatted text preview: Keesing Chapter 9 (pages 183 199) Patrilineal and Matrilineal Descent as organisational schemes (p.183) Matrilineal descent is seen as a mirror image of patrilineal descent. Both men and women are corporation members but only women transmit membership to their children. Matrilineal or patrilineal descent defines a category of persons entitled to be members, whether they are actual members or not depends of life history and individual strategy and choice. The gap between descent entitlement (cultural category) and corporation membership (social group) is important in making such forms of organisation flexible and adaptive. Cognatic descent a mode of descent reckoning where all descendants of an apical ancestor/ancestress through a combination of male or female links are included. Synonymous with bilateral or consanguineal as in cognatic kinship (bilateral). Chains of descent serve to define rules and rights other than corporation membership. Patrilineal Descent Systems (p. 185) More widespread and common (3 times as common as matrilineal forms) Matrilineal systems have severe structural constraints, therefore organisational possibility is narrower. A Hypothetical Patrilineage System + Conceptual refinements (p. 185 -189) Its best to go through it yourselves it is just an example Segmentary of descent systems, defining descent categories with reference to...
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Keesing Ch9 (p183-199) - Keesing Chapter 9 (pages 183 199)...

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