Kottak Chapter 1

Kottak Chapter 1 - Kottak: Chapter 1- What is Anthropology...

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Kottak: Chapter 1- What is Anthropology people all over the world have different desires, feelings, and backgrounds- they are not all the same/they don't all want to conform to North American culture anthro is a comparative science that examines all societies, ancient and modern, simple and complex; offers a unique cross-cultural perspective, constantly comparing the customs of one society to those of others ethnography: people who want to become anthropologists must do this; firsthand personal study of local settings; live in another country- alienation has a profound impact I. Human Adaptability exploration of human diversity in time and space past, present, future bio, society, language, and culture humans have adaptability to environment, flexibility, and creativity anthropology - the study of the human species and its immediate ancestors is a holistic (interested in the whole of the human condition past, present, and future; bio., society, language, and culture) science people share a society (organized life in groups) cultures (traditions and customs, governing how people behave; are transmitted through learning) are distinctly human consistency in behavior and thought among people in a particular society TRANSMITTED THROUGH LEARNING, NOT HUMAN BIOLOGY anthro. Allows us to explore our human origins, how our species has changed, and how culture and society has influenced biological change A) Adaptation, Variation, and Change adaptation: processes by which organisms cope with environmental forces and stresses, such as those posed by climate and topography or terrains/landforms we have cultural means of adaptation → we can adapt to the environment not only biologically, but culturally (like high altitudes) people in high altitudes not only have genetic advantages for life here
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Kottak Chapter 1 - Kottak: Chapter 1- What is Anthropology...

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