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Sexual Selection - Anthropology 116

Sexual Selection - Anthropology 116 - Anthropology 116...

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Anthropology 116 – Sexual Selection Bad Ideas? o Phenotypes that are detrimental to survivorship Seems to contradict Darwin’s idea of natural selection Male lifespan is significantly lower than females in mammals Even after “stupid behavior” is accounted for Function of how male bodies operate During mating season – exhibit a sharp increase in mortality o For humans – mortality peaks at around 20 years External causes peak at 20 and then decline Internal cause are consistently increasing after birth Ex: Ache – tribal people group in south America Hunt a small rodent like creature called a “kande” o Behave like squirrels o Go out in a semi-circle with bows and arrows and imitate the sound of a jaguar o Herd them into a tree o Make lots of noise with branches and bows and arrows o “Kande” panic and start jumping out of the trees o Grab them by the tail while they are in the air and swing them around and bash them into something hard If you don’t kill or knock him out right away they will turn around and fight – the “kande” are vicious Only the young Ache do the hunting – trying to prove themselves Peak right around the same time – 20’s Females have a higher probability of death up until twenties due to infanticide o Physical characteristics Ex: Fiddler crab’s huge claw Large claw takes more energy to maintain (males have the larger claws) The large claw is used as defense for females o Increase in reproductive success but a trade of lifespan Gull predation o Straight run Attempts are equal against both males and females – success is about the same as well o Angles run
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Mostly attack males and are very successful; however completely unsuccessful against the
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