Adaptation - Anthropology

Adaptation - Anthropology - Anthropology 116 - Adaptation...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology 116 - Adaptation Important Things o Conditions for natural selection to occur Variation in trait Variation that is inheritable Differential reproduction fitness and competition o Evolution is a process that takes a long time o Darwins main contribution was the mechanism non random elimination or natural selection Elephant Seals o Beat each other during the mating season o Why? o How to formulate a question is as important as the answer o Needs to be testable and lead to a hypothesis o Proximate causation The immediate physical answer to the why question Ex: testosterone overdose in the seals But then also ask why again why the overdose? o Ultimate causation This the answer to the second why question why the overdose Allows for more opportunities to make babies See slides Defining a trait o Most traits do not fit into specific categories Discrete variation Continuous variation Frequency How often traits occur Potential Units of selection o Individual Mice/Gazelle/etc the hunted o Variation in mortality/fertility in association with variation in a particular trait is evidence of selection and adaptive significance o Gene o Genotype Codes for a certain gene always a protein o Alleles Flavors of the gene round/wrinkled/etc o Group Highly unlikely that an entire group would be selected against Limitations of natural selection o Natural selection can only work on what is available...
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Adaptation - Anthropology - Anthropology 116 - Adaptation...

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