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Chapter 2 (31-39) - 1 Textbook chapter notes Chapter 1 The...

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1 Textbook chapter notes Chapter 1: The Anthropological Perspective Starts with ethnographic description: “culture shock” during fieldwork – - eating termites with rice – - accepted due to politeness to hosts (2) “Anthropology” = study of human nature, human society, and the human past. Scholarly discipline that aims to describe in the broadest possible sense what it means to be human. (3) Anthropology supports holism : “recognize that many different causal factors intersect with each other in complex ways as human life proceeds” // “human lives are always entangled in complex patterns of work and family, power and meaning (3) Anthropology is comparative to generalize about human nature, human society and the human past (3) Anthropological perspective “is evolutionary at its core” b/c interested in documenting and explaining change over time (4) – but must distinguish biological evolution from cultural evolution “Culture”
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