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Chapter 10: Marriage, Family, and Commnity Marriage in many societies entails contracts or alliances between corporate descent groups ; and domestic groups are often formed along lines of descent. Marriage needs to be understood and viewed as a legal relationship. Bridewealth and the Transfer of Rights: Bridewealth is most common among horticulturalists-agriculturalists and pastoralists . Bridewealth occurs in patrilineal descent systems . The rights that are transferred to the husband’s group centrally include rights over a woman’s fertility. Patrilineages will be acquiring not simply a woman’s sexuality and labour, but the children who will be its future members. In matrilineal descent systems – rule of post martial residence takes a woman and her work services, away from her parents n her matrilineage.
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Unformatted text preview: Bridewealth is common in Southeast Asian societies organised on cognatic descent . Prestige valuables exchanged in bridewealth differ physically but have several characteristics in common: 1. scarce 2. circulation controlled by senior men; young men must subordinate themselves and become obligated to their elders. 3. through this control senior men command the allocation of women’s labour power and fertility, their capacity as reproducers of humans. Dowry once common among European peasants and widespread in Asia, are characteristic of economies based on fixed-plot agriculture and feudal economic relations . Dowry is a pay-off to an out marrying wife of her rights over family estate. It provides a mechanism for political alliances between families (like in Malta )...
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