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Chapter 10 (p-228-237) - Chapter 10, Pages 228 237 28....

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Chapter 10, Pages 228 – 237 28. Incest, Exogamy and Alliance Incest and its Prohibition: Many theories, physiological, sociological, and evolutionary have been advanced to explain the universality of incest taboo. The theory that humans raised together since infancy have less sexual attraction for one another seems to hold. Example: in China poor families transferred young daughters into other families as “wives-to-be”. They grew up with the boys where the quasi-sibling bonds between them blocked sexual attraction. Psychobiological obstacle lies in the consequence of preventing inbreeding and maximizing genetic variability (refers to Oedipal and Electra complex as well). BUT some theorists argue that incest is not simply a biological threat, but a challenge to human sociality i.e. to society itself. Incest and Exogamy: Exogamy – a requirement for marriage outside a particular social group or range of kinship. Incest taboo – a rule prohibiting sexual relations between immediate kin and others culturally defined as in an equivalent relationship. Differs from exogamy which prohibits marriage but not necessarily sexual relations. Levi-Strauss
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Chapter 10 (p-228-237) - Chapter 10, Pages 228 237 28....

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