anthro 11-19 - Israel; only a legal state for 60 years, but...

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Anthro (11/19) Paper due Friday( office hours open for those with questions) Grades for last exam: Will be posted/fixed asap Language, Identity, Nation How are these concepts linked? -nation: (students ideas) -a piece of land under one government? NO ( that’s a state) -Americans typically think that’s what a nation is - A group of people, not necessarily with a state or land, that hold the same ideals and goals (Professor) is the united states one nation if “nation” is defined by a group of people with the same goals/ideals? One nation under god? State - is a land with a government Nation- a group of people culturally and linguistically united. According to this definition are we ( usa ) one nation? Making nations? Making states? -ancient nations? -or is nation a modern idea? Race-ethinicity-ethnonationality-nationality-state citizen (all these are connected, things change depending on the context) ex on st patricks day everyone’s irish
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Unformatted text preview: Israel; only a legal state for 60 years, but has been a nation for thousands of years How are you included in a nation-by blood?.genes?.culturally-constructed? Inclucsion or exclusion; do these factors include you in a nation or exclude you? Nations characteristics-shared culture,shared sense of past, shares suffering unifies ( united states has been closest in late 2001/9-11 brought us all together) religion, land area/homeland, something for which people will die nation becomes an ideology. Largely comes out of Europe( the concept) German philosophers of national identity-influenced development of concept of nation and nation-state in Europe-Herder ( german language is ancestral language; which unifies people)-Humboldt( spirit of a nation) we didn’t really have a nation until the printing press; industrial revolution. It allowed us to share ideas and realize that other people had the same ideas....
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anthro 11-19 - Israel; only a legal state for 60 years, but...

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