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Anthro Test Study 1 - Anthro Test Study 1 Tinbergens 4...

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Anthro Test Study 1 Tinbergen’s 4 level of Analysis PACO Phenology Adaption Causation Ontengy Phenology- way family/relatives/ancestry define behavior Adaption-how evolution nat select/genes on behavior Causation- mechanisms create reactions/stories create behavior Ontogeny- impact of lifespan/enviorment on behavior Scientific Method- Involves the creation of hypotheses that are testable, with phenomena that are observable and measurable: •Observation of phenomenon •Assumption about phenomenon •Question about phenomenon •Hypothesis to answer question •Methods to test hypothesis •Results of hypothesis testing •Analysis of results (also called Discussion) ●●●●●●●● 7Bkizzle Lecture 3 Biological evolutionis the change in frequency of a particular trait and the genes that control it over generations
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Evolution can occur through: –Mutation –Gene flow/ Migration –Gene drift –Speciation –Natural selection Artificial Selection is like farmers when they chose the best cows, ect… Nat Selection is primary source of evolution ACTS ON PHENOTYPE Differential reproductive success over multiple generations •Phenotype: the morphological, physiological, biochemical, behavioral, and other properties of an organism that manifest throughout its life–Genes x environment (GENES AND EVIORMENT) PHENO •Genotype: set of genes possessed by an individual SO GENO=genes of indiv PHENO=GENE plus ENV For NatSect to act on a trait it must be Heritable- traits passed on to next generaion Variable- if everyone has same trait, no benefit produce reproductive success. Directional selection is when natural selection favors a single
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Anthro Test Study 1 - Anthro Test Study 1 Tinbergens 4...

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