anth001-chapter 3 outline

anth001-chapter 3 outline - I Applying Anthropology A One...

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I. Applying Anthropology A. One of two dimensions A.1. Theoretical/Academic Anthropology A.2. Practical Anthropology A.2.a) Using anthropological data to solve contemporary problems A.3. Ethnographic method A.3.a) Ethnographers study societies as participant observers (A.3.a.1) Applied Anthropologists use ethnographic techniques in both foreign ansd domestic settings II. The role of the Applied Anthropologist A. Early Applications A.1. Central concern of Great Britain and United States A.1.a) Britain used anthropology in applications toward westernization A.1.b) US used it during world war to predict behavior of enemies A.2. Academic and Applied Anthropology A.2.a) With the Vietnam War, many students studied southeast Asian societies A.3. Applied Anthropology Today A.3.a) Helping profession, assting local people A.3.b) Cultural Resource management A.3.c) Studying fights Ethnocentrism (A.3.c.1) Feeling as one’s own culture as superior A.3.d) Roles of Applied Anthropologists (A.3.d.1) Identifying needs for change that local people perceive (A.3.d.2) Designing culturally appropriate and socially sensitive change
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anth001-chapter 3 outline - I Applying Anthropology A One...

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