anth001-midterm review

anth001-midterm review - holistic participant observer...

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holistic Interested in the whole of human condition: past, present, and future; biology, society, lnaguage, and culture participant observer Anthropologist lives with and interacts with the local population and is an active participant in that ongoing culture. cross-cultural comparing societies that explain the differences or similarities between them paleoanthroplogists Anthropologists who specialize in the are of biological anthropology plasticity Biological varation observed in contemporary human populations primatology Study of biology and behavior of non-human primates ethnoarchaeology Study of material culture to understand the relathionships between patterns of behavior and material culture ethnology Crosscultural comparison; the comparative study of ethnographic data, society, and culture ethnography field work in a particular culture ethnohistory Studying historical documents that gives first or second hand observations on past cultures sociolinguistics Investigates relationships between social and linguistic variations
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anth001-midterm review - holistic participant observer...

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