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Theory -A scientific explanation of the world as we perceive it that has been widely tested and accepted as more useful than competing explanations. hypothesis -A tentative and testable premise that accounts for relationships between empirical observations. Paradigm -A general set of ideas and observations accepted by most trained practitioners as definitive of a particular field of science at any point in time . Evolution - Descent with modification, resulting from a process of natural selection, and resulting in adaptive change in the gene pool at the species level. Change over time. Applies to all species. Does not imply ―progress -- only a general tendency toward survival of better-adapted species. Adaptation -Biological, ecological, and behavioral processes by which organisms (and, sometimes, species) change in terms of form or function, in order to cope with environmental stresses, including those deriving from cultural practices principles of evolution through natural selection : 1) reproductive capacity of almost all species results in overpopulation, relative to available limited resources (over-reproduction, see Law of Biotic Potential); 2) individual organisms vary in their genetic makeup; 3) inherited (gene-based) traits may influence survival and reproductive success in the context of resources too limited to support all members of the population and 4) if such traits become established in the population they will change the species in the direction of greater adaptation (thus, the species will have evolved). Law of biotic potential -Rule stating that most organisms have the potential to produce far more offspring than can possibly be supported by their environments, one of the basic principles of evolution by natural selection natural selection -Process by which the constraints and possibilities encompassed by the natural environment operate upon patterns of survival and reproduction of individuals within species, and upon
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class2terms - Theory-A scientific explanation of the world...

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