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Unformatted text preview: forces of evolution: 1) mutation: Spontaneous change in DNA molecules that comprise genes and chromosomes, thus precipitating shifts of the genetic code and important evolutionarily when transmitted to offspring 2) selection or natural selection: One of the major forces of evolution, the process by which the constraints and possibilities encompassed by the natural environment operate upon patterns of survival and reproduction of individuals within species, and upon species competing against each other. 3) genetic drift: the branching off of a separate population from the parent population; the new isolated population will express a set of particular traits that include some but not all of the traits of the larger population; this process of genetic selection and expression is sometimes called ―founder‘s effect. ‖ 4) gene flow: exchange of genetic material by mating between otherwise distinct populations (gene pools) of the same species, a consequence of interbreeding, and resulting in shared traits between previously...
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