Paper 1 final draft

Paper 1 final draft - ---------------UW20-66Mrs. Denham...

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Unformatted text preview: ---------------UW20-66Mrs. Denham BusseFinal Draft2/12/08 Lust Portrayed in Sonnet 141Shakespeare’s Sonnet 141 examines a lustful relationship. The speaker lusts after a woman who seems to have no redeeming qualities, however, he believes that he has a loving relationship with her. It cannot be one of love, though, because it is about domination, not adoration. By examining Shakespeare’s use of simple poetic devices, the idea of love versus lust, and comparing this sonnet to Shakespeare’s sonnet 130, the reader is able come to the conclusion that this is a lustful relationship.Shakespeare uses simple mechanics to contrast his complicated main theme. Sonnet 141 follows the straightforward English, sometimes called the Shakespearean, sonnet rhyme scheme of “ABABCDCDEFEFGG”. In the first two lines, Shakespeare uses rich consonance with the “th” sound in the words faith, thee, with, they, and thousand. “In faith” (Sonnet 141, line 1) says that he swears that what he has to say is true. These words all emphasize how he feels when looking at her; the consonance stresses the subjects: thee, his love; and they, the speaker’s eyes. “A thousand” (line 2) highlights that it is not just one little flaw he can get over; it hyperbolically suggests how unattractive she is. In the next line, the speaker shows that, even after his grand statement about how he can barely look at her, his heart feels differently. His heart loves Eames 2her “in despite of [the] view” (line 4). These two lines, however, lack poetic elements to emphasize them. They get lost in the shuffle because there is nothing to promote them....
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Paper 1 final draft - ---------------UW20-66Mrs. Denham...

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