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Unformatted text preview: biological clock Concept of the human life span as passing through several important irreversible stages which are passages to different statuses bipedal locomotion Walking upright on two (hind) legs Broca's area Region of the human brain located in the left hemisphere. People who suffer damage to this area have difficulty with syntax. cave bear Late Pleistocene European bear, over 8‘ tall when standing. Because it sought the same caves as did H.s. neanderthalensis as living quarters, conflict was inevitable, and some evidence indicates that H.s.n hunted cave bears, possibly even had some sort of cult associated with remains of the bears Cave painting Upper Paleolithic tradition of painting scenes of animals on the walls of caves in Europe; dates 17,000 - 10,000 years ago. funeral Rite of passage marking the death of a member of the family or community human sacrifice The officially-sanctioned murder of a human being, usually in a ritualized setting such as a rite of increase, in order to fulfill ideologically-based expectations of gifts of life to deities or...
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