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acclimatization , as an intermediary level of adaptation involves short term changes which are reversible, but whose potential may be linked to genetic factors. E.g. tanning is a short-term acclimatization response which is conditioned by genes. accommodation , as the most plastic level of adaptation involves behavioral changes which are reversible, and whose potential is conditioned by culture, environment, and genotype. E.g. wearing clothing to maintain the body‘s core temperature in a cold climate. adaptation Biological, ecological, and behavioral processes by which organisms (and, sometimes, species) change in terms of form or function, in order to cope with environmental stresses, including those deriving from cultural practices. adaptation, levels of Human response to stress follows a continuum from accommodation to acclimatization to genetic evolution: 1) accommodation, immediate psychological and behavioral change (clothing, housing); 2) acclimatization, short to medium-term change (tanning; breathing changes at high altitude); 3) genetic evolution, long-term, non-reversible (inherited differences characterizing different gene pools within a species). See also Skin color Beringia ancient land bridge between Asia (Siberia) and the Americas (Alaska), now underwater; the probable route of entry of modern Homo sapiens into the Americas, from Eurasia during Pleistocene glacial periods, and now covered by the Bering Strait birth interval, or birth spacing The number of years between one completed pregnancy and another. Mo bile hunter-foragers, the spacing is ca. 4 years; for farmers, about 2 years canalized trait Trait which is very insensitive to environmental conditions during development,
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class13terms - acclimatization, as an intermediary level of...

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